I'm Moving to Portland

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  20.4.06 @ 09:10

It's official. I accepted a position with Oregon Iron Works in Portland. No more travels for me!

Six months from now, I'll be driving to work and think, "...god I miss steak in Chile, wine in Chile, lamb in New Zealand..." It will really hit home the first time I fly without the airline status.

"What do you mean I've been bumped onto another flight?!?!?!?"

"What do you mean I'm stuck in the back of the plane?!?!?!?!?"

"You wont upgrade me?!?"

"How come I have to stand in the long line?!?!?"

For those of you who read this, you know how to keep in touch. The link is on my profile. Please stay in touch.

I'm not going to kill the blog, but I wont be posting so often about things like "la ruta desde inferno" or getting out of Tampa. Most of the time, I was talking out of my ass anyway (hablo desde mi ano).

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Language butchery by Judy Williams on  9.4.06 @ 11:10

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