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With the weekend off, I decided to be very productive about my television watching. Happy New Year everyone!

Thanks to all of you who joined, and to big brother (literally...Terry is my older brother, but his middle name does start with an "O") for turning up the RSS feed. I thought I had done that...Anyways, the address to punch into your news reader is . (If you are wanting an RSS reader, then click here.)

As you can see by the picture on the left, its been raining a bit here in Eugene. Within the last 24 hours, we've gotten 2.45" (62.23mm) of rain. The picture is of Amazon Creek, (on Olive between 15th & 16th Ave) which is around the corner and a block down from my house. Normally, the culvert draining the water at the right of picture is about a meter above the water line; now it's about one foot (30cm) above the water line.

Row, row, row your boat, gently through Eugene!
Hoods up, galoshes on--aint life a scream?

Happy New Year everyone!

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atom feed added

Language butchery by Terry Kimber on  29.12.05 @ 11:33

I turned on the atom feed, for all of us rss junkies.

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Ok...What do you think?

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  25.12.05 @ 00:20

Right. Enough screwing around with the templates. My HTML is so rusty it's not even funny.

If you are reading this, then most likely I sent you a message asking you to come here and take a peek. I'd like to get your feedback. Is this a better place to post the travel dialogs? I do enjoy posting them, and on occasion I hear that you do as well. Travel can be fun, as well as, well..."adventurous."

You just haven't lived until you have:
  • been arrested.
  • lost your job "un-voluntarily."
  • been stuck in Tampa Int'l on a Sunday morning in February with a cancelled flight to Chicago.
  • sat in cattle class for fifteen hours on a San Fran to Sydney flight.
  • made friends in other countries who take you:
    • on a hovercraft ride (¡muchas gracias Daniel!)
    • to the places where they lived as children (¡muchas gracias otra vez Daniel!)
    • to the their country's national museum (that was the experience of a lifetime Luke...good on ya!)
Forgive the sidetrack. ADHD at work here...

Anyways, those emails I've been sending out get replies on occasion. Those replies are quite humorous in their own right. They deserve posting as well. Also, being as you are all my friends and family, I thought it would be a good idea to get you a place where you can all interact.

Here are the rules:
  • Post and comment in whatever language you like
    • Al poste en cualquier lengua usted le gusta.
    • Posten in beliebiger Sprache Sie mag.
    • There is a link on the side for a few online translators.
  • You have to join to comment on postings. This cuts down on spam.
  • If you join, you have the right to post yourself. Pictures are welcome.
  • Be nice. My mother reads this.
    • That isn't to say that you can't use course language (my Mom taught me some really great things to say "on accident"), just don't call each other names and such.
  • Feel free to harrass, vex, harrang, and tease me. I deserve it.
Talk soon!

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The Lovely Loos of Ehn-Zed

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  22.12.05 @ 23:28

Do you suffer from incontinence?

Have you been eating Olestra laden foods
(see the warnings...may cause "anal leakage")?

Need a place to doo your business without the interference of campers doing dishes and standing on toilets?


Yes, this is an actual place. Welcome to Taupo, New Zealand. Home of the geysers and a lake that is a volcanic caldera. Quite a beautiful place in fact. I recomend Hell pizza ( But what in the Sam Hill is a pay toilet with a name like that doing here?

I've laughed at the Austrian and German toilets (you know, the "shelf"). I've warned many people not to walk down the train tracks in Eastern Europe (figure it out). I've even drank South American tap water out of desperation (not for the timid, but a great way to clear up post-flight constipation...lemme tell you!).

But consider this: maybe the residents of Taupo really take their business seriously. Eat your heart out Deutchland! Down the street from the Super Loo, is an Indian restraunt next door to a diaper shop. Yes, its Nappy Plus.

...And what do they mean by "Accesories, etc."? One can only make assumptions I guess.

Get your takeaways and "after dinner mints" in one place with a shared car park. Maybe Mr. India will deliver nappies too. I guess it all "depends" on how much you tip.

You know, I am so going to Hell for this...

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Chilean Hovercrafts

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  ;@ 21:47

Weeeeelll now. What is there to do in Concepción de Chile? The tourist websites don't list very much. Lonely Planet and Rough Guide barely give it a mention.

And I double dog dare you to find a map.

¿Donde estai mapas o planos de Concepción?

However, my wonderful guide (and friend) Señor Daniel showed me something rather nice to do. Take a hovercraft tour of the Bio Bio River. The website is listed above. For about CLP$15,000 (~USD$ 30.00) for 2 hours the guides will take you on the ride of your life. They even let you drive....BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

¿cómo dice usted 'slow down you #!?! white boy' en español?

At the top is a photo of (L-R) Daniel, Jaime and myself on the river. At the bottom, is Daniel and Jaime.

If you want the movie, just ask. Posted by Picasa

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