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Language butchery by Mr Rich on  8.12.08 @ 22:31

Tali (Tal-ee): A Torbie (Tortise Shell/ Tabbie cross)

A.K.A.: our new kitty (Flickr set here)

TALI is the most popular name in USA (... 12674.satvinder , 12675.marven , 12676.tali , 12677.juhani , 12678.mearl ...). One in every 175,551 Americans are named as TALI and popularity of name TALI is 5.7 people per million.

If we compare the popularity statistics of TALI to USA's population statistics, we can estimate that as of December.09.2008 01:33 there are 1,741 people named as TALI in the United States and the number of TALI's are increasing by 15 people every year.

Usage of tali as a first name is extremely more common than its usage as a middle name. The sum of alphabetical order of letters in TALI is 42 and this makes TALI arithmetic buddies with words like Nave, Doer.
I can do 42. 42 is good.

New movie title: The Ghost of Tali:

In Spanish (ok.."Thalia") it means "Flourish". In Hebrew, it means "Dew." In reality, it means I'm a sucker for cats.

Here's the videos:

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Tag line says it all

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  3.12.08 @ 17:45

Nummy Nummy Nummy

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  1.12.08 @ 08:40

Checklist for killer Thanksgiving dinner:
  • Turkey breasts (or whole) rubbed with Thaiphoon! and charcoal grilled to 160°F
  • Candied Yams
  • Gravy from grill drippings
  • Spinach salad with blackberry dressing
  • Waimea Gewurztraminer wine (Nelson, NZ)

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