I Wonder What His Chauffeured Car Would Have Been?

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  20.8.08 @ 08:29

How to Know You're on a Business Trip in Rural Montana

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  5.8.08 @ 05:22

  • The hotel touts it's "recent" renovation in 1983.

  • The hotel still uses metal keys to open the rooms.
    • The keys can be copied.

  • The hotel room doesn't have a iron

  • The nearest laundry service is 120 miles away

  • The hotel describes the time when:
    • There wasn't a hotel in town.

    • The town council had to form a public corporation to build a hotel

    • They decided not to build a hotel, but rather remodel and build around an abandoned railroad depot.

    • The hotel's indoor pool is "the happening spot" in town

...at least they offer access to that "interwebby thingy"

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