Ah...Good Beer Again!

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  18.7.07 @ 11:43

I've landed back at SFO. Microbrews on draft, fresh salsa, and the Giants are playing the Cubs. Life is normal again.

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More Travel Adventures with Rich

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  14.7.07 @ 23:57

So what's a nice guy like you...

...doing in a place like this,

...with that stupid towel on your face?

While I was in Auckland, NZ last week, my nose decided to go out and find itself a bit of bacteria. It must have gone off while I was asleep and hit the pub and picked up some bird of a finger to poke it. Needless to say, it got an abscess, inside of it and I had to get on a plane the next day to go to Oz.

And the thing of it was, I told Mr. Schnoz that we weren't going out to the pubs. He went off and did it anyways. Clearly he didn't use protection...why else would I have gotten an infection in my nose?

In all seriousness, I found out what pain truly can be like. I never knew that an abscess on the inside of your nose could hurt so very badly.

Anyways, I'm now aquainted with how the Australian health care system works. I went to the doctor in Terrigal, paid him $60, he poked at it (ouch!), and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. Now I'm in a Brisbane hotel with a hot towel wrapped around my face.

Travel is fun!

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