Concert Tickets in Portland: 11/7

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  24.10.06 @ 15:20

To my illustrious co-workers,

The following is a humorous story of screwing up with your significant other.

Years ago I told Aimee (Madame Librarian) that I loved the theatrical group The Capitol Steps. They are a political satire group to which nothing is sacred. They are hilarious. Later on, she had the opportunity to listen to them (usually on NPR) and found that she liked them as well.

Then she found out that they were going to be in Portland - on election night! Election night is usually their best show - and it is usually done in Washington DC. But not in 2006! No, no...its Portland, Oregon who gets the honor this year.

Soooo....she went out an got me tickets - for my birthday no less.

But the birthday boy hadn't checked his travel schedule closely enough.

Sooooooo.... long story short:
I have two tickets to The Capitol Steps at Schnitzer Hall for Tuesday, November 7 @ 7:30. Any takers?

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Finding yourself online

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  21.10.06 @ 22:28

I've found myself online in these places:

This (the guy in the background) is when I was in Russia last year. This and this are the results of a study on my summer vacation (yes - this has been covertly phrased to protect my tookus from a bunch of legalese I had to sign).

On the plus side, this will be my video submittal for the trainer certification.

Lastly, things like this are what incredibly fascinate me. I'll sit up half the night wondering how this doesn't violate energy conservation laws.

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Humble pie (ála mode)

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  19.10.06 @ 20:37

So....back to Eugene. Sort of.

Yeppers, I ended up leaving the job I left Eugene for to work for the job I left Eugene for.

In my case, I left Eugene because I found a job that would get me out of Eugene. I then left that job so that I could work for my former employer. why did I leave where I was to go back where I was? Its a long story. But this is a blog so I'll delve into the gory details.

1. I wanted to do something where someone noticed and gave a rat's rear-end. I wouldn't have where I ended up.
2. I had two bosses that were at odds with each other. One of them wanted to use me as a tool against the other.
3. The other boss was a personal friend of mine. I wanted to keep him as a friend.
4. I was being morphed into a secretarial role.

So I am back to being a world traveler, living out of a suitcase, and living in a state of permanent jet lag. This was actually preferable to living with the knowledge that I have lost the ability to actually do something helpful on occasion. Where I was, I would have done nothing on any occasion.

Wow. I just re-read this and noticed an inordinate amount of pro-nouns. I'm actually saying nothing about something obscure and confusing people in the process. That takes talent.

Ok...hmm. to explain:

I left a life on the road for a job that turned out to be not what it seemed. I was made to sign a lot of legal documents that were vaguely worded. The gist of these documents was that anything I did was owned by someone else. I was treated poorly while I was there, and in the end I decided that I should have figured out a few things first...I made an error in judgement. So in the end, rather than let it get to me, I decided to actively fix my situation. I called up my former employer and got my old job back.

So enough with the past. What is going to happen now?

I get to work from home. Tomorrow I get to start working in the back bedroom. And I have to wear a uniform: Pajamas.

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