Defaulting a User Mountable (e.g USB /Thumb) Drive in CentOS With exec Privileges

Language butchery by Mr Rich on  26.1.11 @ 11:21

I discovered this tip a few days ago while trying to get a USB drive (where I keep my timekeeping application) working. However I lost the URL that gathered this information from.

  • Drive mounts OK when attached (e. g.: plugged into USB)
  • Cannot execute programs -- even as root.
  • Does not show up in /etc/fstab
  • Shows up on /etc/mtab with noexec mounting options.

Caveat: This is a pretty broadsword approach.
  1. When mounted, take a look at the details in /etc/mtab:
    • cat /etc/mtab
    • What you are looking for is the file system type and mounting options.
    • Check out the details (including the options) in the man page for mtab.
  2. In the Gnome Configuration Editor:
    • Find the file system ( /system/storage/default_options/...)
    • Add the following as a high-priority item to the mount_option entry:
    • Thus, your entry might look like this:

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